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Meeting also postponed to 2021


It is a pleasure for us to invite you to the “International CT-User Meeting 2020”, which will be organized in Ghent on 13 and 14 November 2020.


During recent years, MRI and CT have become very popular in Veterinary medicine, both being used in small animals and in horses. These days, throughout Europe numerous private hospitals, clinics and Universities, are equipped with CT. There is a need for education, an opportunity to exchange current knowledge between CT users and radiologists.


The CT User Meeting’s aim is filling this gap. This meeting stands for continuing education in the technique, protocols used, anatomy and systematic approach to pathology.


CT-User Meeting


An active group within The German Veterinary Association DVG, “Arbeitsgruppe CT der DGK-DVG” was established 10 years ago and was initiated to build up and exchange experience among users of CT.


13 and November 2020, the tenth meeting and third International CT- User Meeting, a joint venture between DVG and the University of Ghent will be held in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium.


We are confident that the 3rd International CT-User Meeting will enjoy a tremendous interest.


The meeting will be held at ‘Het Pand’, a historic building in the heart of the city. ‘Het Pand’ served as Dominican monastery from the period 1216 till 1240, and is nowadays being used as the conference centre of Ghent University.


We hope to be able to welcome you....




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Dr. Ingrid Gielen                                                                         Prof. Dr. H. Van Bree

Department of Medical Imaging &                                     Department of Medical Imaging &

Small Animal Orthopaedics                                                  Small Animal Orthopaedics

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine                                            Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Ghent University                                                                        Ghent University






When choosing CT over other imaging modalities including MRI and ultrasound?


During this 3th International CT user meeting this question will be answered in different pathologic conditions.


3 parallel sessions, each with wetlab


        Small Animals


        Nurses and technicians




Technical Session

              • Both Large and Small Animals

              • Artificial Intelligence, visions of the future

              • Brain CT versus MRI in men

              • Heart disease: applications of CT versus MRI

              • Pacs and viewers


Small Animal Program

               • Heart diseases: CTA and other imaging modalities

               • Abdominal pathology: CT versus ultrasound

               • The spine: CT versus MRI

               • Orthopedic disorders, the value of CT

               • Free Communications and Research Award


Equine Program

              • Imaging the equine head, TMJ, bullae and glutural pouches: CT or MRI?

              • Equine teeth problems:  CT vs. other modalities

              • Sino nasal disorders: CT vs. other modalities  (standing CT is advantage?)

              • Imaging the equine cervical spine

              • Free Communications and Research Award


Technicians and Nurses Program

               • Familiarize with cross sectional anatomical imaging used by CT scan,

                 technologists to recognize pathologies within the small animal body

               • Scanning techniques, criteria and protocols

               • Power Injectors, contrast media, handling

               • Care and cleaning of my CT device, daily maintenance to avoid damage


              Wetlabs for all sessions



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